Which body is tired? - a Report

Interview with Gisela K. who suffered from chronically blocked sinuses and fatigue

For years Gisela K. suffered from chronically blocked sinuses and states of fatigue, both interfering with her professional life. „I felt totally numb, this is how I can describe it best. Whatever I started – I was slow, with difficulties to concentrate and without energy.“

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Feelings Practitioner Emergency Treatment – a Report

On 10 February 2018 Michael H. and a friend of his were trying to move a stone flab weighing almost a ton by using an iron pole as lever. Michael lost control of the pole which then hit his thigh coming with the full weight of the flab. Being an alternative healer and enthusiastic Feelings Practitioner (FP) himself, Michael applied FP emergency skills starting immediately after the accident. Only a couple of days later he was already able to go for some boulder climbing again.
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Healing miracle or application of Feelings Practitioner know-how?

During a training Sabine F. felt sudden ischiatic pain. It made her immobile within seconds. Fortunately a Feelings Practitioner was right there and able to support Sabine by applying some FP-techniques. At the end of a self healing process which lasted for about half an hour Sabine was able to get off her chair without pain, just as if nothing had happened….
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