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The Feelings Practitioner Program adresses individuals who are searching for new dimensions of healing.

Clients benefit from extraordinary Feelings Practitioner healing spaces where they can relate to their symptoms in totally new ways.

Therapists and other medical professionals receive innovative tools, techniques and practices through our Feelings Practitioner Trainings, also called Labs. They bring additional depth, individuality and efficiency to their work.

Michael Hallinger, Katharina Kaifler, Michaela Kaiser, Dahlia Abramovic, Dagmar Thürnagel
Central to both is

  • Creating a healthful field for all four bodies simultaneously (physical, mental, emotional, and energetic)
  • Working on the very individual psychosomatic connection (beyond already existing concepts)
  • Solving traumas and blocks
  • Co-creating teamwork – therapist/spaceholder and client working hand in hand
The 4 trainers in the Feelings Practitioner Program are remarkable individuals and teamplayers. Based on their own experience as therapists and trainers they deliver top-skills and performance-enhancing experiences for the participants.