Your trainers in the Feelings Practitioner Program are remarkable individuals and teamplayers. Based on their own experience as therapists and trainers they deliver top-skills and performance-enhancing experiences for the participants.
All trainers have both many years of experience with traditional healing processes and the work on the emotional body.
Each team member is committed to you and supports you in learning the tools and skills needed for successful work with emotional issues.
Michaela Kaiser * 1972
Michaela Kaiser * 1972Natural practitioner, physiotherapist, Possibility Management Trainer
Healing * Love * Clarity * Beauty * Transformation

Archetypal Lineageall comprising magic world transformer

“Sometimes I see myself as a detective … “

Michael Hallinger * 1965
Michael Hallinger * 1965Natural practitioner, trainer for Aikido and Possibility Management
Clarity * Love * Healing * Empowerment * Possibility

Archetypal LineageAlchemistic healing warrior

“My work is about Gaia, us human beings, healing and love. They are my passion in research and living.“

Dagmar Thürnagel * 1967
Dagmar Thürnagel * 1967Trainer for F. M. Alexander-Technique and Possibility Management
Clarity * Possibility *Love * Empowerment *Service

Archetypal LineageIllusion slayer

„Life is an offer and a path to healing. I am committed to the empowerment of human beings, so the seed which everyone of us carries inside can come to blossom.“

Katharina Kaifler * 1974
Katharina Kaifler * 1974Expert for healing communications and Possibility Management Trainer, Intuitiv Healer
Love * Clarity * Transformation

Archetypal Lineage: Element Shifter

„I love entertaining my clients well while they are healing themselves.“