Healing miracle or application of Feelings Practitioner know-how?

During a training Sabine F. felt sudden ischiatic pain. It made her immobile within seconds. Fortunately a Feelings Practitioner was right there and able to support Sabine by applying some FP-techniques. At the end of a self healing process which lasted for about half an hour Sabine was able to get off her chair without pain, just as if nothing had happened.

„I remember very well – it seemed like a miracle“, Sabine reports. „That very day I was responsbile for lunch preparations. I had created a lot of stress around that, like getting things right and done in a short time. I literally had stepped into all my patterns and expectations of how I had to perform – then this sudden prick of pain happened. My first thought was „oh shit, I connot move anymore… now I am paralyzed.“ My body reacted to the pressure I had built up inside myself by blocking totally. As I was familiar with this kind of reaction I knew it could take days until the symptoms would go away. I felt afraid whether or not I could continue the training.“

„Michaela then asked me to put my hand where the pain was. She asked me which feeling was hidden behind it. This was very clear at first sight: massive fear.“

Supported by Feelings Practitioner Michaela Kaiser, Sabine came into deep contact with fear that had been stored away in her body, above all the fear of being beaten. She was helped to express that fear. While doing so, the blockage subsided and went away.
„The change happened within minutes“, Sabine reports.

„Sabine suffered from ischiatic pain. As the nervous system is the tissue of resonance for emotional fear“, explains Michaela Kaiser, „it was clear to me that expressing these emotions would relieve the pain. There were also other emotions, like anger, and Sabine expressed them and directed them into their specific tissue of resonance. We call this technique „tidying-up emotions“. It is a means of first aid as well as a preventive measure“, Michaela comments with a smile.

Practical know-how on the relationship between the emotional body and physical body is quite rare. Therefore the FP-work is about delivering this knowledge to the clients through experience. It then becomes embodied know-how – a treasure clients can use for their own well-being and health care.

„However, if you are not familiar with the technique – it may as well appear like a miracle.“ Michaela Kaiser
Feelings Practitioner und PM Trainerin