Feelings Practitioner Emergency Treatment – a Report

On 10 February 2018 Michael H. and a friend of his were trying to move a stone flab weighing almost a ton by using an iron pole as lever. Michael lost control of the pole which then hit his thigh coming with the full weight of the flab. Being an alternative healer and enthusiastic Feelings Practitioner (FP) himself, Michael applied FP emergency skills starting immediately after the accident. Only a couple of days later he was already able to go for some boulder climbing again.

„The impact was really massive and the one end of the iron pole pierced my thigh“, Michael reports. „A part of me was totally clear in its consciousness and tried to contact my feelings. But I was in shock – was totally numb. I could not identify any emotion. Only adrenaline pumping through my veins. It dawned upon me that behind this shock somewhere fear must be hidden.“

Michael asked his friend to hold space for him and started to express the fear. After about 20 seconds this emotion slowly came into flow followed by a wave of anger. Then fear reoccurred, this time for about three to four minutes. Again anger followed.
„After roughly 15 minutes of expressing fear and anger finally sadness would show up.“

Michael continued to express the emotions that had been stored in his body in consequence of the accident. After about 45 minutes the sadness was joined by physical pain that had not been noticeable before.

„It was as if the pain had been blocked and got released by the sadness which subsequently enhanced the healing process. With each wave of sadness that I expressed the process went deeper and the tissue gained more flow.“

After about one hour he finally had look at the wound. „There was a little hole in my thigh and some blood – which had already been visible through my pants – but no bruise. I took care of the wound in the appropriate manner.“

After about five or six hours the pain slowly subsided and a light bruise was visible.
„I made sure the pain stayed in flow, not blocking it. On the very day the accident had happened I had some more waves of pain.

On day two and three only when I put weight on my leg by fully standing on it. On day four I went climbing already“, he reports with joy in his voice. „I am just so fascinated how we can support our physical bodies and accelerate their healing processes by bringing the feelings into a flow.“