Interview with Gisela K. who suffered from chronically blocked sinuses and fatigue

For years Gisela K. suffered from chronically blocked sinuses and states of fatigue, both interfering with her professional life. „I felt totally numb, this is how I can describe it best. Whatever I started – I was slow, with difficulties to concentrate and without energy.“

On the internet Gisela came across the Feelings Practitioner work and approached FP Michaela Kaiser. „Finally, there was an offer which facilitated my personal search for the real causes. I had held myself in functioning mode through Sinupret. That helped me for a short time, but never healed my condition. The specialist I consulted was not able to help me either.“

After two Feelings Practitioner sessions Gisela is now free of her ailments, has developed a different relationship with her former symptoms and has clarity about the causes.
„At the beginning of the session I was asked which of my bodies felt tired – meaning, if it was my physical body, like eyes, legs or anything else. That was really great“, Gisela reports. „I became aware that the chronical fatigue was in my energetic and in my emotional body – not in my physical body. During the sessions I realized the following: the more I feel the more awake I become.

Before, I was not aware that tiredness in the physical body requires rest, tiredness in the energetic or emotional body, however, requires the opposite, namely activity and expression.“

„And I had put myself in front of the TV set again and again“, Gisela states, shaking her head.

With the support and guidance of FP Michaela Kaiser Gisela expressed emotions and directed awakeness into her physical tissues, especially into the chronically inflamed areas of her frontal and paranasal sinuses. „All of a sudden I experienced such a lot of joy, awakeness and clarity – something I had not experienced in a very long time.

Then Michaela showed me how I could cleanse my sinuses with „Freudol“ (= play with German language – a „medication“ containing joy). After the session I used it every morning which was very supportive. I have been free of symptoms ever since. And whenever the numb sensation shows itself just in the faintest way I put some Freudol over the sinuses and it keeps disappearing.“

Gisela was also advised some exercises and tasks she was able to integrate in her daily life in order to strengthen and nourish her energetic and emotional body. „These tasks push me out of my comfort zone, because in it there is no space for my being and my feelings.“

Nowadays, Gisela has a choice between a life in her comfort zone including symptoms she knows the causes of – and a life at the edge of her comfort zone where she is more awake , feels more and takes responsibility for her emotional and energetic body.