What does the knee feel?
How a Feelings Practitioner session helped avoid surgery
A report from a Feelings Practitioner Session with Monika T.

There was a penetrant popping and cracking sound in my left knee, followed by days of pain, a swollen joint and limited ability to move – all this and I had just stood up from some gardening work!

The MRT about two weeks later delivered a painful insight: bucket handle tear in the interior meniscus. According to the doctor a conservative treatment without surgery would be no option.

With this kind of injury a piece of the cartilage slips into the joint space causing immobility. Not treating it would sooner or later lead to arthrosis in the knee.

At the time the MRT was taken the pain in my knee had already significantly subsided. The joint was still quite swollen and I was not able to bend or stretch it fully, just as if something had blocked it. Nobody could explain to me why the meniscus had torn in the first place. Normally this mainly happens under extreme strain or continuous pressure caused by sporting or overweight. None of this applies to me.
The question why the meniscus had torn kept working on me. I was afraid of losing my own mobility. If I was not able to find the cause, I feared I would risk the health of my other knee as well.
This made me contact Dagmar Thürnagel and Michael Hallinger to have an online Feelings Practitioner session with them.

I was excited. Being at home on my own, I had created a safe space to work with my emotions. Yet, experience told me that at home is was never as easy as during a training to perceive my feelings directly and allow them to flow.

But during the session the „tidying up emotions“ worked really well. It was surprisingly easy to feel myself and my emotions – and to even allocate them and allow them to flow. It was like a journey through my body. We allocated each emotion to a specific type of body tissue, basically including every part of my body. I am still fascinated by how multifaceted the emotional expression of the physical body is when one allows the mind to step back.

During the process I gained a sensation of spaciousness in my body, incredibly pleasant and unusual. There was a tingling in certain areas.

Of course, my main focus was on my injured left knee. At the same time I became aware of tensions in the rest of my body and experienced how they immediately reacted to the „tidying up“ of the emotions.

This made me decide to repeat the exercise as often as possible during the days that followed. Not such an easy task – eventhough the technique is simple, it takes some training in feeling, space holding and trust in the process to really carry it through. It was easier with the guidance of Dagmar and Michael.

I feel joy in reporting that from that day onwards the condition of my knee kept improving. Two months after the tear I can move my knee fully and weight it attentively. (What happened to the piece of the meniscus that blocked the joint stays a mystery.). All pain and swelling has disappeared.
And if needed I just tidy up thoroughly in my system – which increases my well-being instantly each time.