“In developing highly effective practices and tools for healing and empowering the emotional body Possibility Management has taken the lead worldwide”.

More Than A Classical Method

The Feelings Practitioner Program offers you much more than a ready-made method. You learn how to use your four bodies to use additional levels of healing in a nonlinear fashion.

Learning how to inner-navigate your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies enables you to work on a new level with your clients or patients.

We ask you to also be a pioneer! In addition to your expertise, your professional experience and knowledge of human nature you will be empowered to develop more and more your own therapy skills and new processes.

Symptoms do not abide by psychosomatic cataloging! What is needed is as manifold as your individual clients or patients are.

The Feelings Practitioner Programs supports you in discovering your full potential and your creativity as a healer – open to encounter the unknown again and again. Even with so much education you will keep finding yourself with clients who need what you never heard of before. And this is what you will be able to create and deliver in the very moment when asked for.

Your inherent talents and skills will get expressed more and more in your individual training field, away from routine and towards more flow and joy in your professional activities.

Fields of Application

Chronic restraint in the musculoskeletal system
Chronic inflammatory processes
Chronic pain
Eating disorders
States of shock
Relationship conflicts
Psychological, physical, emotional, social, and mental abuse
Burn out / Bore out
Life crises

Evolutionary Healing Skills

Feelings Practitioner Program

Extraordinary Healing Spaces

Four feelings, three worlds, two kinds of drama and one truth – from Possibility Management

by Clinton Callahan