The Feelings Practitioner Training involves units of 3-5 days and allows for considerable flexibility. With being certified as a Feelings Practitioner you will acquire your certification as a Possibility Manager at the same time.

Your first training will be an Expand The Box Training. You can attend this core training either with us or with other Possibility Management Trainers in Germany or abroad.

Through attending two or three Possibility Laboratories (P-Labs) you build a solid basis for experiencing the basics of feelings work and the mode of practice in your own personal processes.

Full certification as a Feelings Practitioner is based on the following elements:

  • Expand The Box Training: foundation, basic tools
  • 10 Possibility Laboratories: deepening, personal processes and initiation
  • 6 Feelings Practitioner Laboratories: acquirement of special skills, training for own work with clients, research in the field of evolutionary healing work
Based on this foundation 6 special Feelings Practitioner Labs (FP-Labs) will train you step by step and with individual support in refining your perception and working with your own clients. At the same time you will continue your own healing and initiation process by attending other P-Labs.
Your clients during the Feelings Practitioner Labs will come from three different groups:

  • Fellow participants of the Feelings Practitioner Program
  • Participants who are familiar with the basics of Possibility Management and seek support for dealing with specific symptoms and ailments
  • Clients/patients from your own practice who may join the FP-Labs in certain time slots

Your personal coach from the Feelings Practitioner team will be available to answer you’re questions and support you between the training units.

Time Frame

The complete program takes between two and four years depending on your personal pace.
You will be able to integrate everything you learn from the very beginning into your professional healing work.


Fee for each Feelings Practitioner Training is 1.112.- € plus accommodation und meals.


You have been working as a healer for at least two years.

Minimum age: 26 years

Interview with FP-Trainers after your participation in the Expand The Box training and 3 Possibility Laboratories.[/one_third]

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