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Our experience shows that a major part of illnesses and pains are caused by stuck emotions.

Such emotional legacies may originate from

  • Unsolved experiences from childhood
  • Shocks / accidents / surgeries
  • Problems and strains at work / in the family / in the social environment
  • Breakup/divorce or other experiences of loss

Those emotional charges stick to your nervous system and other physical tissues. Thus they block the natural flow of your life – a fact still in need of appropriate attention by western medicine.

As those emotions are stored in your body permanently, very often as mixtures and therefore below the threshold of consciousness, your body is literally living in the past. This interferes with the body’s full potential and health, lowering the defences.

From our view and expertise it is insufficient to treat symptoms merely on the physical level. On the contrary – health, well-being and joy of living return also to the physical body once suppressed or blocked emotions find back into flow and natural expression.

SpecialFeelings Practitioner Healing Work
for people with experience in Possibility Management

Thursday, 25th of February 2022
Möglichkeitenraum, Petersberg 3, 33803 Steinhagen bei Bielefeld

„You go and tell him, please“, the soul asked the body, „he does not listened to me.“

The physical body has a skill to communicate with us in a special way. It uses symptoms to indicate imbalance and point out topics which need healing.

Feelings Practitioner Sessions support you in relating with your symptoms in a new way. You will gain more flow and prepare the conditions for healing to happen.

Sessions of approx. 1,5 hours with 2-3 trainers from the Feelings Practitioner Team (150 EUR)
with: Michaela Kaiser, Dagmar Thürnagel, Katharina Kaifler, Michael Hallinger

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